Pieter (37): Saucony Grid SD ‘Boston Public Gardens’

My friend Pieter (37) from Heerlen, the Netherlands, is a sneakerhead. He used to be an Adidas ZX addict but when he saw the green Saucony Grid SD ‘Boston Public Gardens’ at Bijsmaak.com, he had to have them.

Adidas ZX
“My Adidas ZX addiction started about 10 years ago”, Pieter says. “Until 2016 I loved every new ZX release, which resulted in buying numerous models. I like the ZX design so much because it’s robust and stylish at the same time. However, in the beginning of 2016 I realised I had been too fixated on just the ZX models. Adidas wasn’t bringing any new exciting colorways or redesigns anymore. When I saw these Saucony’s, I knew I had to cop them and start collecting other brands too. Make no mistake, I’m still an Adidas man. It will always be my favorite brand.”

Olive green
Pieter bought his Saucony SD’s in November 2016 at Dutch sneaker shop Bijsmaak.com, known for selling stylish sneakers. Pieter: “What I like most about this Saucony Grid SD model is the retro design in combination with the olive green color. Also, this edition is quite unique. It’s not a limited edition but you don’t see many people wearing them.”

Staying informed
Owning dozens of pairs of sneakers, Pieter can call himself a sneakerhead. “Sneakers are a hobby of mine, just like cycling, football and good food. I am constantly checking Instagram for the latest sneaker releases, and in every city I visit I check what the local sneaker shops have to offer. It’s not that I want to buy or have everything, I just like to stay informed about what’s out there.”

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